Ararat Wine & Liquor Wholesale Inc.

 Ararat Wine & Liquor Wholesale has been serving Las Vegas, Nevada from 2000 to the present day. Founded by Gagik Ovsepian.
From a small company that began with one little wine, AW&L grew swiftly and steadily, has worked to ensure a great selection of spirits, wine, and beer from all over the world at low prices – all available at a retail store near you.

  AW&L’s reputation and years of valuable long-term relationships from all over the globe had allowed supporting a philosophy of volume purchasing that allows for discount prices. By supporting local retailers’ in-store tastings of new releases, recipe kiosks, and party planning resources also keep customers coming back, driving positive sales trends to run his operation.

 Our qualified and certified experts are always researching, reviewing, and curating so that AW&L customers enjoy the advantages of advanced market research, competitive pricing, and an experience free of import hassles, ensuring that ordering with Ararat Wine & Liquor Wholesale – is an easy, convenient, consistent and reliable transaction.

 AW&L is proud to be named as a leading Nevada’s import distributor specializing in premium alcoholic beverages including spirits, wine, and beers from all European and East-European regions, including the largest market share of the Middle-East and Mediterranean regions.

 Never resting on success, with hard work, a strategic mindset, and our customers’ and suppliers’ best interests in mind; we have grown our presence in the marketplace over the years while staying true to our values.

Thank you for your trust and your business!