Burgas 63 Traminer

375ml, 40% ABV

Burgas 63 Traminer is the result of a long process of refinement, technology and creativity which had all come together to achieve the harmony of this exquisite rakia. Crafted entirely from Traminer grapes from the distillery’s own vineyards, Burgas 63 Traminer has abundant rich and explosive flavors tamed by noble softness which follows on the palate. There are subtle shades of rose petals, lychee and honey intertwined with the gallant Traminer taste, captured and transmitted with unparalleled elegance and refinement – the distinctive character of Burgas 63 Traminer. The rakia has matured three years in oak barrels.

Varieties Available: Burgas 63 12yr, Burgas 63 Pearl, Burgas Barrel Aged, Burgas 63 Special Selection.

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